At PK Solutions Group, our driving goal is to create the best customer experience with all our clients.

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Have you ever faced a challenge that required a solutions approach to problem solving, and began with an understanding of the problem, BEFORE recommending a solution?

That is what you can expect from our expert team of CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS.  We only offer custom solutions, built to fit your specific needs…..never a one size fits all approach. 

PK SOLUTIONS GROUP specializes in print solutions, both large and small format, and in business consulting, and business re-creation services.

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Custom & Confidential
Uniquely Built for Your Organization’s Needs

We bring over 30 years of time tested and proven strategies to our ever-growing client base. A Veteran Owned Small business, specializing in large and small format printing, branding, graphics, and consultative services. We will surpass your every expectation, we are your Chicagoland branding, and consulting partner, driven by customer satisfaction since 2008.

At PK SOLUTIONS GROUP, we have a simple to understand, and proven approach …. simply put…. EVERY OUTCOME BEGAN AS A GOAL. Our time-tested approach to problem solving makes solutions available to all. We help define the goal, and then begin with the end of the journey in mind, as we build the map to the destination. Each client is unique, so our solutions approach is unique to each interaction. Our recommendations will be “best fit solutions”. We solve your problem, we earn your trust, we value your loyalty. 


Listen as Patrick takes you into the deeper content of his renowned podcast,

You’ll learn and apply what’s beyond the WHAT and WHY as Patrick prepares you for the HOW and HOW NOW of your business situations that cost you time, energy, and money.

Patrick will help you to unleash your authentic passions, and experience the greatness that new levels of accomplishment bring.

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