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Consulting & Coaching Services

We FIX the pain points of small businesses and the pain points of individuals who need personal development in their professional lives.  Pain points such as  

  • Operational Alignment
  • Strategy
  • Sales Growth
  • Career Development
  • Organizational Structure
  • Differentiation
  • Compensation
  • Start Up & Small Business

Defining Moments

When you need some 1:1 time

  • Define My Differentiation
  • Clarity On Strategies
  • Address Obstacles
  • Clarity On 1st Steps


Up to 45 Minutes

*price per person/session

Mastering the Market

When you need help in your market

  • Develop Strategy
  • Develop Tactics
  • Develop KPI’s
  • Define, Measure, Adjust & Adapt


Up to 45 Minutes

*price per person/session
** minimum 4 sessions


When you need BIG PICTURE plans

  • Define & Develop Long Term Plans
  • Introduce New Business Habits
  • Nurture New Business Habits
  • Grow What Needs Growing


Up to 45 Minutes

*price per person/session
** minimum 12 sessions


Emma Laurence

Patrick Kagan is a brilliant master coach. He combines the highest integrity, the deepest insights, and the most contagious inspiration. His customized boots-on-the-ground solutions work. Patrick knows how to tap personal potential and build team cohesion for business success.

Every encounter I’ve had with Patrick has supported my business and moved it forward! Do not miss the opportunity to work with this individual because he’s a true leader and a rare find in the business world.

Emma Laurence
Certified Professional Coach and Millennial Mentor

Adam Griggs

If you are looking for contribution and community with intention, definitely cannot say enough good things about Patrick. His ability to meet the needs of others, no matter where they are in the cycle of ownership, is second to none.

Patrick does an amazing job of creating conversation, building perspective and driving real meaningful change centered around your WHY. I would highly recommend working, connecting and collaborating with Patrick, every interaction is an investment paying multiples in your business lifestyle journey.

Adam Griggs
Chief Executive Officer at CLARAfi

Rachel Makool

Patrick is an incredibly insightful thought leader. Although I’ve only known him for a short time, I’ve been very impressed by his presence, honesty and wisdom with his approach to business. He’s a straight shooter which I really appreciate and uses his life long experience to make solid recommendations with the goal of success in business. Patrick is very positive and a great coach who has a lot to offer so give him a try.

Rachel Makool
Director of Community Experiences at GoDaddy

Jonathan Graziano

Patrick is a straightforward and knowledgeable business consultant with extensive experience in 1:1 coaching and goal management. I’ve personally seen first-hand how deep Patrick dives into evaluating his client’s needs and educating them on solution tracks, ultimately providing immense value in both the short and long term. It’s been a privilege to get to work with Patrick and learn from him. I encourage anyone seeking a coach or general guidance on building out their business to reach out to Patrick.

Jonathan Graziano
Storyteller & Pug father. Social @ GoDaddy

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