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Are you a Leader struggling with SILENT SOBATAGE? Often times the only one that the sabotage is silent to is the leader.  All too often leaders can be ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY sabotaged in their efforts to bring about growth, culture, and community. Silent sabotage commonly happens throughout workplaces.  Leaders are either aware that they are … Read more

BURNOUT – Like a Fog Leaders NAVIGATE their people through!

Burnout is a real symptom of real problems in today’s workplace.  It is not something that necessarily makes itself known to everyone around…. rather, it creeps in like a slow fog, easy to miss what it is doing…until it is all around you, and difficult to navigate through. A recent Gallup pole found that over … Read more

WHY is your WHY your WHY?

I was recently privileged to be part of a panel discussion at a professional development workshop that had professionals from the corporate sector, the educational sector, and the non-profit sector.  It had professionals who worked within the constructs of corporate entities, and it had entrepreneurs and small business owners. The theme of the panel discussion … Read more

SOFI SYNDROME(Successful Outwardly – Failing Inwardly )

Did you ever consider the idea that sometimes, the only voice you need to silence is the little voice inside your head? How often do we sabotage from within without even giving something a try? As a leader in business, or as an individual professional just setting some professional goals, many times we create our … Read more

Longing for the WONDER of Childhood CURIOSITY?

Curiosity…. AUTHENTIC CURIOSITY…is an action, a reflex to empathetic echoes.  Empathy and Curiosity exist together, and like any other nerve that receives stimulus information and response output, both need to be used, exercised, worked, and put into practice on a regular basis to function effectively.  Empathy and Curiosity are all time virtues, not sometime statements.

What Sets you Apart from the competition in the BUYERS MIND?

What are you doing regularly that distinguishes your solutions and services from all others to the buyers you are selling to? DIFFERENTIATION, AFTER ALL……EXISTS IN THE BUYERS MIND BEFORE IT EXISTS IN THE SELLERS WORLD. The buyers have a bias toward action…. their title makes that clear…. their title is an action verb!  The burden … Read more

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