Workplace Burnout

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Recently I addressed an audience of sales leadership, and outlined 7 strategic mindsets the TOP SALES LEADERS OF THIS DIGITAL AGE ARE MIND SHIFTING TOWARDS in order to CREATE THE DIFFERENCE for themselves as leaders, CREATE THE DIFFERENCE between their organization and their competitors, and CREATE THE DIFFERENCE for the teams they lead: 1. Importance … Read more

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Mastering Focus in a Distracted World

In an age where the beep of notifications constantly vies for our attention, the art of focusing has never been more critical, especially in the realms of sales and leadership. In the latest episode of “Sales Hindsights” hosted by Patrick Kagan, a riveting roundtable discussion unveils the transformative power of focus. Let’s delve into the … Read more


Disconnecting Team Disconnects

Anyone who has ever led a team, dreams of building, motivating, and growing the ultimate dream team, that just continues year over year to become dreamier! The reality, no matter where you lead, and no matter how many people you lead, is that more often than not, things don’t start, continue, and sustain the same … Read more

Spend the Most Time on What takes you the Least Time

This is the rule of efficiency…. the concept of getting the highest level of results with the least number of resources used. It is absolutely essential in developing as a person, and in making the transition from individual to team member…. from team member to leader…. from good leader to great leader…..and from great leader … Read more


Are you a Leader struggling with SILENT SOBATAGE? Often times the only one that the sabotage is silent to is the leader.  All too often leaders can be ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY sabotaged in their efforts to bring about growth, culture, and community. Silent sabotage commonly happens throughout workplaces.  Leaders are either aware that they are … Read more

BURNOUT – Like a Fog Leaders NAVIGATE their people through!

Burnout is a real symptom of real problems in today’s workplace.  It is not something that necessarily makes itself known to everyone around…. rather, it creeps in like a slow fog, easy to miss what it is doing…until it is all around you, and difficult to navigate through. A recent Gallup pole found that over … Read more

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