Spend the Most Time on What takes you the Least Time

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This is the rule of efficiency…. the concept of getting the highest level of results with the least number of resources used.

It is absolutely essential in developing as a person, and in making the transition from individual to team member…. from team member to leader…. from good leader to great leader…..and from great leader to a leader who creates the difference in the lives of others.

The sentiment of spending the most time on what takes you the least time is a simple concept to frame out, but sometimes harder to put into practice.

Simply put, it is the daily practice of working within your highest strength attributes, and not deviating to areas outside of your greatest strengths.

When people are working on things that they are extremely strong at doing, their level of happiness goes up.  Imagine if you could spend an entire day only working on those things that made you happiest.  If your workday was 8 hours, and you spent the entire 8 hours in a state of happiness, joy, and the kind of challenges that result in creative outcomes.

The leadership of organizations often got to that point through hard work, not necessarily happy work. 

Leadership needs to change the workplace narrative and create armies of happy employees…. people who are excited to spend the workday in a state of happiness because what they are tasked with are no longer tasks…. they are treasured minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years working within their greatest strength areas.

Take this quick test:

  1. Keep a journal of what you are working on in the next 2 days – jot it down every 30 minutes.
  2. On day 3, cross out everything you worked on that did not bring you great joy.
  3. If more than half of your 2 days is spent on task that do not bring you joy – you need to change.

The good news is that at PK Solutions Group, we do 3 things for you:

  1.  We do a simple strength analysis with you.
  2. We help bring clarity to next steps to create days that are filled with treasure vs. task
  3. We help enlist the strengths of others so that they work on your task which is really their treasure.

Happiness gaps are very real at every level of an organization.  You can’t begin to bridge those gaps until you identify what makes you happy, and what pulls you from happiness.  This is not to imply that there won’t be necessary tasks that you have to tend to, but it does create the PURPOSEFUL INTENTION to be aware that optimization is a choice.  Happiness is a choice.

The things you enjoy doing the most take you the least amount of time to do.  You have already mastered them, and that is why those areas come easy to you.

Now you need to take the first step…..THE MOST CONCIOUS STEP you have ever taken, and begin to spend the most time on those things that take the least of your time.

To start your first step toward bridging your own happiness gaps, just click here and let our team know you want to see the results of your strength analysis…..someone from our team will HAPPILY SPEND THEIR TIME with you.

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