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Help your message make a greater impact with our dimensional lettering.

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Dimensional Lettering

The PK Solutions Group, proven approach to problem solving, allows our clients to break through the clutter and noise in the branding marketplace.  Once we, together agree, that a solution involving dimensional lettering makes sense, we then evaluate the surface the letters will be applied to, the material that will be the most durable, most visible to the target audience, and best represents our clients values.  Many times, we find dimensional lettering to enhance other graphics and branding such as printed acrylic, lighting solutions, and vinyl solutions.  We listen, we solve problems, we add dimension to our client’s environments.

As a client, you will join our many clients who benefit from, clean, elegant, regal lettering, allowing for corporate, legal, educational branding within building, offices, foyers, hallways, stadiums, both interior and exterior.  Securely installed to painted drywall, brick and textured surfaces, as well as wood surfaces.  Dimensional lettering can be brushed metal such as nickel or aluminum or can be painted metal.  Enjoy the versatility of dimensional acrylic cut lettering, with no limit to the shapes and sizes that can be achieved through our state-of-the-art die cutting and finishing equipment.

Any Wall Can Make a Statement

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