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Has your Leadership Vision become everyone else’s Blind spot?

Vision is the lighthouse that guides leaders and their teams through the tumultuous waters of the marketplace. As we discovered in the latest episode of “Sales Hindsights” hosted by Patrick Kagan, understanding and embracing a clear vision is vital in charting the course for success. With insights from industry thought leaders Julie Lokun, Kevin Kepple, … Read more

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AI cannot replace AE

AI cannot replace AE. I know this is true, because GOOGLE, Siri, Alexa, & ChatGPT all confirmed it!!!! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is amazing!  We live in a time when technology is moving faster than ever.  I was with a client recently that worried that while AI is here to stay and has benefits, that AI … Read more

What Sets you Apart from the competition in the BUYERS MIND?

What are you doing regularly that distinguishes your solutions and services from all others to the buyers you are selling to? DIFFERENTIATION, AFTER ALL……EXISTS IN THE BUYERS MIND BEFORE IT EXISTS IN THE SELLERS WORLD. The buyers have a bias toward action…. their title makes that clear…. their title is an action verb!  The burden … Read more

Environment Creates Culture

The conscious decision to build an environment founded on principle centered behavior, and values takes a concerted effort.  Knowing that environment creates culture, Hawthorn School District 73 began re-creating the culture within each of the 9 buildings that comprise the school district. Under the leadership of Superintendent Peter Hannigan, the district created a steering committee … Read more


If your walls could talk, what would they say? In the case of John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights Illinois, and Plum Grove Junior High in Rolling Meadows Illinois, they decided to let their walls speak volumes about the principles and practices of their citizens. The effectiveness of their word choices allows these “ANCHOR … Read more

Have you UNKNOWINGLY limited your growth?

If you have ever been labeled, or labeled someone on your team, or in your business, you know what a limitation that label will become. These labels DO NOT have to be lifelong. We’ve put together a quick and easy Podcast with Amy Benicewicz, who shares her insights and expertise to assist in removing labels, … Read more

How Toxic is your Workplace

Attitude is everything!  If your work environment has become toxic, then it either changes, or you risk going under. You are either a burned out, and dissatisfied employee, a frustrated manager with your team, and the results you get compared to the results you expect, or a small business owner, dissatisfied and disillusioned with the … Read more

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