Environment Creates Culture

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The conscious decision to build an environment founded on principle centered behavior, and values takes a concerted effort.  Knowing that environment creates culture, Hawthorn School District 73 began re-creating the culture within each of the 9 buildings that comprise the school district.

Under the leadership of Superintendent Peter Hannigan, the district created a steering committee of thought leaders from within the school, and from within the community, and they defined their strategic plan to become best in class, beginning at the end of the 2020 calendar year.  They introduced that plan Spring of 2021.

Dr. Hannigan built on the anchor principles of the strategic plan, and recently began refreshing the environment, and therefore the culture of one of the district middle schools, D73 Middle School North.

Dr. Hannigan will echo the sentiments that “Environment Creates Culture”, and “Everything Speaks”. Utilizing custom Wall graphics, designed to embrace the principles and goals of the district, the PK Solutions Group team installed the end solution on cinder block as well as drywall hallways….The PK Solutions Group team of graphic designers, graphic production, and graphic installers were proud to help make those sentiments come to life, recently in the hallways of D73 Middle School North.

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