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Are you a Leader struggling with SILENT SOBATAGE?

Often times the only one that the sabotage is silent to is the leader.  All too often leaders can be ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY sabotaged in their efforts to bring about growth, culture, and community.

Silent sabotage commonly happens throughout workplaces. 

Leaders are either aware that they are being sabotaged, and choose to do nothing about it, or they are aware and just do not know how to handle the sabotage they know is occurring.  The other side of that is that the leader is simply unaware that silent sabotage is occurring.

2 of the most common symptoms to help recognize when silent sabotage is occurring are as follows:

  1.  When a team hears the leader’s vision and does nothing to advance that vision.
  2. When a team does nothing to advance the leader’s vision whenever the leader is not around.

These 2 symptoms are the key performance indicators of silent sabotage, and symptoms of the larger problem that likely falls into 1 of 4 main buckets:

  1. Communication
  2. Expectations
  3. Accountability
  4. Ownership

These problems are the problems of the leader, not those that fall under leadership’s care.  The symptomatic behavior is a lot like a fever is a symptom of an illness.  To truly cure the patient, one must treat the cause, and not get distracted by the fever. 

Here are 3 tips that will address all 4 problems:

There are 2 important factor to removing the silent sabotage for every leader:

  1. Inspect what you expect – do it early, often, and objectively.
  2. Act immediately, and in a corrective fashion early, often, and objectively THE MOMENT something is out of line with your leadership expectations. DON’T LET THINGS SLIP.

Remember, everything speaks, and nothing speaks louder about a leader than allowing silent sabotage to exist and become the culture in the corporate hallways.

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