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Manage Like Your Life Depends on It – BONUS CONTENT


Anyone who is responsible for managing and leading others needs to have this in their collection of listens.  The most practical and easy to understand proven method to combine leading and managing strengths, and to IDENITFY, ATTRACT, RETAIN, AND GROW top teams.

Develop the mindset of staffing vs. hiring, and know what the top staff looks like when you see them….more importantly, no what they don’t look like – WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

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Do you manage like your life depends on it?  Do you truly understand the differences between leading and managing?

Take 25 minutes, and listen to learn how to STOP the turnover trend in your organization.  3 simple techniques that will yield a tremendous, positive effect on your bottom line, and the bottom line of every individual that comes to work for you.

If you want the ideal employees, that produce phenomenal results, and stay with your organization, then you need to know what they look like, and go find them.

Patrick will teach you and unbiased, no – nonsense, way to identify, attract, hire, and retain top talent – FOR THE LONG TERM.

Your corporate life depends on it… brave enough to take this journey with someone whose done it!

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