Discouragement is the Mother of Failure

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Perseverance prevails. Discouragement leads to failure.

A few things that work for me when I notice discouragement creeping in are to be aware that discouragement is actually creeping up on you, and it wants to live, so it feeds on negatives like anger, gossip, and low self – esteem. Next, I recommend leaning on your support network….you have people around you that you know, love, and respect….ask them what they do when they begin to feel discouraged. The last tip, is to try stretching tight muscles, gently for 10 – 20 minutes before bedtime – no other distractions on, and make your bedtime 30 – 40 minutes earlier than normal. A well rested mind and body can turn many things around in your life, including your optimism. Here is a link to a great reference tool for 22 additional ways to help overcome your own discouragement. https://leadershipfreak.blog/2011/06/02/22-powerful-ways-to-overcome-discouragement/

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