The Ladder you climb is leaning on the wrong wall.

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Many, in our pursuit of career growth, begin young, gather experience, and start to “climb the corporate ladder.” It is a relentless, challenging climb, filled with corporate politics, landmines, and obstacles along the way. Then we have things like social unrest, or global pandemics happen. Or you find that a child or loved one is sick, or suffering, and it makes the climb seem like a waste of energy.

It is important to grow in life, all aspects of life, not just careers. Don’t fail to see the important things, the little things, that surround you each day, because your focus is on the next corporate rung.

Life has a way of re-arranging our priorities, and the emptiest feeling you can have, is to discover one day, that a loved one needs you, and you have been too busy climbing a ladder that is leaning on the wrong wall, and never has a fulfilling end.

Advance in the world of people, love, peace, and tranquility. Careers should advance, and present challenges. A challenge is the only way we as human beings grow. Be sure career growth is one of many aspects that round out you as a person.

“Time equals Love”, meaning what you spend the most time with you must love the most. Make time to evaluate what your time is spent on, and compare that to what you think are the most important things in your life. It is a great exercise in life balance, and helps re-set moral compasses on a daily basis.

Finally, we can all be kinder to those that surround us, but we need to make time to be kinder to ourselves. My career is in branding…..personal and professional branding. I always recommend each person ” Be the Brand.” When you take the “Time equals Love” challenge, don’t be surprised if what you are “branding” is not equal to the “brand you think you are.” Then, be willing to pivot, and “re-brand” yourself from within.

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