Mastering Workplace Re-Entry in a Pandemic

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Social Distancing means so many things to so many people. It is both art and science of human workflow management, while also directing actions on a variety of surfaces throughout the workplace. Professionally designed custom graphics conveys safety in the workplace, and will increase safety for patrons, customers, employees and staff. See how PK Solutions Group’s expertise in workflow and custom graphics can get social distancing initiatives right the first time.

Custom Graphics to aid in the social distancing human workflow is a critical part of the equation. Equally as important is the project management and planning of where custom COVID graphics should be placed, what surface they are going to adhere to, such as marble, concrete, wood, glass, stainless steel or drywall.

Knowing how to properly space and direct the flow of human interactions requires the expertise that PK Solutions Group brings to each client. This service is mission critical to doing it right the first time, and insuring that not only is the direction clear to all on how traffic should flow, but that, as a client of custom graphics, you don’t buy too many or too little of such a necessary communication. The project management step needs to be in place for everything else to flow properly.

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