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There is so many factors to consider when choosing custom window graphics…is it exterior or interior surfaces? What kind of weather conditions does the vinyl need to withstand.? How many panels, and the dimensions of each panel? Are the windows treated? Then the actual graphics need to be designed to fit exact, and produced to the exacting standards needed to make the custom graphics look like one perfect picture. Highly trained, qualified installers are a must to make the whole experience complete. See how the experts at PK Solutions Group can make your ideas come to life, while making the whole graphics experience a smooth, easy, and fun experience. Do it right the first time with PK Solutions Group.

McHenry High School relied on PK Solutions Group to assist their design team with properly laying out the graphics for both the Junior Tower and the Senior Tower. The school needed to share the spirit of the school for all that pass by, and at the same time, insure that they allowed daylight to enter the stairwells where the students navigate their days. The PK Solutions Group team worked closely with the McHenry design team, evaluated sample materials, laid out and approved all panels of graphics, and produced the vinyl and laminate that allows the image to be viewed from the exterior, and is see through from the interior. The installation staff, with over 25 years of installation experience, finished the process off timely, and were able to have two towers, with varying elevations, look like they share the same elevation, and most importantly, the finished towers give McHenry the strong school image for all of the community to see.

Let PK Solutions Group take your ideas, and make them a reality on walls, windows, drywall, glass, marble, concrete and vehicles.

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