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Trifecta Transport is a company on the rise.  They manage all aspects of over the road logistics and do it with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Because of their tremendous growth, Trifecta Transport outgrew existing office space, and opened a new corporate HQ at 340 East 22nd Street, Lombard IL. 60148.

To celebrate the opening, they charged the design, production, and installation teams of PK List Marketing with creating, producing, and installing graphics that embraced not only where they have been as a logistics leader, but where they are headed.

Christian Davis and Heather Sgouridis, the executive leadership team at the helm of Trifecta collaborated with the PK Solutions Group team and the end result was met with a resounding round of applause from the employees as they filled the new office space, and took on the company’s next chapters of growth and success.

Result:  a classic “Historical Route 66” full color, 24 foot x 9 foot graphic collage, digitally produced and installed on drywall in the cafeteria, and privacy dusted crystal, with a reverse cut of a long and winding road to represent the roads yet traveled.

Service is at the forefront of every experience you will encounter at Trifecta Transport.  PK Solutions Group is very proud to be a design, production, and installation partner with such a fine organization.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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