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We have all heard, “You Get What You Pay For”, implying there are 2 ends of the selling and buying landscape, Good Quality, or Good Price.

The two should be an unbreakable pair, so that what you want, and what you get meet your expectations.   (Just ask our Tattoo recipient)

If you have ever been on the receiving end of customer dis-satisfaction, you may want to ask questions to remind your client of these 12 simple hidden ingredients to your value….Things you don’t itemize when putting a price on your solutions: 

  1. Supplier is a problem solver and positions themselves as a partner to delivering solutions.
  2. Project is done right the first time. 
  3. Supplier owns the entire process, including unforeseen problems, and quickly delivers solutions to the unforeseen. 
  4. Experienced Support Staff
  5. Supplier that demands excellence within the supply chain, so the client only knows excellence.
  6. Supplier who is loyal to those in the supply chain that support the execution of the client needs.   
  7. Supplier who personally project manages the entire process until the project is completed
  8. A supplier that values a good price, but not at the expense of client satisfaction.
  9. A supplier that brings fresh ideas, supported by actual experience.
  10. Consistent pricing
  11. Honest, available, on time, and delivers what is expected.
  12. Supplier refuses to move forward with anything sub-par in the process.

Ultimately, what is in a price objection is expectations.  There is always someone who will “do it cheaper”….your job as a sales professional is to help your client consider the PRICE OF THE PRODUCT BOUGHT, vs. THE BENEFITS OF THE SOLUTIONS PROVIDED….THE COST OF A CHEAP ALTERNATIVE, vs. THE CORRECT SOLUTION. THE COST THAT COMES IF THINGS REMAIN THE SAME…….Ultimately, your job is to put yourself in the client’s place, and answer those questions like you would like to have them answered to you.

For more on how to handle these and other common objections BEFORE they happen, CLICK HERE.

When client expectations are met with each interaction with a supplier, then they happily get exactly what they expected to pay for services….otherwise they just feel like the wrong end of the explanation….”You get what you paid for.”

When client expectations are not met, then no matter what the transaction cost was, even if it was free, the price was too high.

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