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Branding in the business world poses unique & challenging hurdles. To properly execute a brand strategy, it takes more than a logo, it takes thought and vision. Proper branding will reflect the AURA of an entire organization. Good leaders will reflect the AURA of the organization, and each individual that prospers at that organization are part of that AURA, glowing, emanating and flowing into the world around them.

The Leadership at Mead Junior High School, Schaumburg Community Consolidated School District 54 have worked long and hard to develop the atmosphere of possibility, and promise. They utilized the power of a reflective polished aluminum show piece, back-lit with the school colors, and ultimately conveyed the AURA of the entire school; in fact the AURA the entire district puts out into the community.

These solutions cross all lines, corporate, academic, fundraising, recruiting, etc. Rely on experts at building the brand that reflects the Aura.

Begin with experts at needs analysis, translating the AURA of the organization into the properly designed graphic that reflects the organization values. Demand expertise to manufacture the solution, and only accept the most experienced and qualified installation team. These lighting solutions are just some of the available graphic assets that Mead Jr. High utilizes to best represent the beliefs and values of D54.

Next time you need help taking an idea and bringing it to life, do what MEAD did, and start with experts at matching the reflection to the brand.

Photo by davisco on Unsplash

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