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Happiness is the Secret Advantage

Schaumburg Community Consolidated School District 54 embraced the teachings of Shawn Achor, and his company, GoodThink, Inc.  Achor is the best-selling author of the book, “The Happiness Advantage”. His company has created a bedrock foundation of quantitative data, that link positive psychology to success and happiness.  District 54 places the teachings of The Happiness Advantage … Read more

Expectations always Equal Outcomes

Whatever you expect, in any aspect of your life will be the exact outcome. Expectations and outcomes are both sides of one coin. This is true in your business life, your personal life, your wellness goals, your love life…..everything. Change the expectation if you want to change the outcomes of your day. Because this is an inescapable truth, practicing proper business and personal expectations will have a tremendous, positive effect within each of your days

Better Can be Yours

Better choices for a better well-being. Imagine each choice changing and growing your personal development, business trajectory, and brand growth.

Butterfly from cocoon

What You Feed Will Grow

Feeding the behavior you want to grow to change your life for the better. Self Esteem, business growth, brand growth, through graphics, and planning.

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